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Tax Services and PreparationsYou don't have to dread tax season! Let Holy Cow! Bookkeeping and Tax Services do the work for you. We are trained to handle all of the tax forms you might have. Don't hesitate to ask for help. You can be confident that your taxes will be prepared precisely and accurately. We'll help you maximize your return, as well.

At Holy Cow! Bookkeeping and Tax Services, we make sure you withhold enough money and that it gets in the right hands so you won’t face an audit. Holy Cow! Bookkeeping and Tax Services can also prepare personal taxes for individuals.

Tax Services
Holy Cow! Bookkeeping and Tax Services can handle your business or individual taxes. As a business, you'll want to ensure that you have tax information correct in all areas. That's why we provide assistance with the following:

Payroll Taxes
Payroll taxes are taxes paid on the wages and salaries of employees. The employer and the employee both pay these taxes, which go toward funding government programs such as Social Security, Medicare and Unemployment compensation.

As an employee, these taxes typically come out of your paychecks, but as an employer it is your responsibility to withhold these taxes from your employees paychecks and send the money to the appropriate agencies such as the IRS.

Franchise Tax
If you own a Corporation, Limited Liability Corporation or an S Corporation, you are responsible for paying Franchise taxes. This tax is paid in addition to Federal and State income taxes. How much you owe in Franchise tax is based upon how much your company generates and is prepared after your income tax is completed due on May 15th.

Currently the states that require the payment of a Franchise tax are: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas. Holy Cow! Bookkeeping and Tax Services is happy to assist you with figuring out what, or if you owe, and prepare your reports.

Sales Tax
If you collect sales tax, you then owe the state Sales Tax. You will need a tax ID number and find out if you are to report Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly. Holy Cow! Bookkeeping and Tax Services can prepare your Sales Tax Electronically for you. We can also check to make sure your accounting software is tracking Sales Tax correctly in your books.

Their are a lot of variables to consider with Sales Tax, such as, are you paying Sales Tax on your products that you purchase or use to create your products before the sale. You also have to consider if you are pulling out of stock and using them for personal use.

Property Redemption Reports
If you have received a Property Redemption Report, they are due yearly. People who hold a business out to the public will receive them. At the end of the year, you will do inventory of what you have and pay tax on it. They can be tricky to fill out. We can assist you with this report.

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